Crafting a Brief Essay: the Do’s and Don’ts

It is a challenge to write a brief essay. The more extended essays are better because you have enough space to explain yourself and prove that you are the best. If you want to write a short essay, you have to be precise in your writing and focus only on the main agenda. You need to have the structure well planned, using just enough words. The brief essay is very different from the common essay. It should contain the main idea of what you are trying to say in a limited number of lines. You should never try to write a brief essay if you have not much time. It will require a lot of patience, practice and talent. This article is designed for the students that have to write short essays as part of their academic requirements.

Elements of a brief essay

  • Topic sentences

Present your discussion at the very beginning. It will enable your message to be clear and precise from the start. Do not delay and wait to write it towards the end. Writing it at the beginning of your essay will help whoever is reading the short piece to know what you are reading right from the start.

  • Thesis / Topic/ Theme

Two things should be in consideration. The essay’s complexness and arrangement should be your top priority when you are writing a short essay. The quicker the writing, the direct the paper will be. It will not have a lot of non-sense and topics outside the box. It will only have the contents of the subject matter.

When talking about complexness, it merely means choose a topic on which you can quickly elaborate. And in which single evidence will be good enough because it is a short essay. A short article does not need a lot of citations because words are limited to approximately 500 words. It means that there is only room for one citation.

  • Contemplation

Contemplation is more like an inspection. It does not matter whether your essay is an extended essay or a short essay. What matters is the content of your say. How well can you think, and how well can you present your argument. Through this, the admission officers will decide your qualities.

The admission officers are not interested in the stories. Their interest is clear. Try as much as possible to stick to the subject matter and portray yourself to be the best. Since it is a short essay, the more reason to stick to the subject matter. Anyone or two sentences outside the box is taking up space and, more importantly, reduces the quality of your essay.

  • Supporting Evidence

As I have said before, this is a short essay, and the words are also limited. When making citations, make sure it is in one sentence or even two. It will seem complicated, but it is possible. But then you can decide to make citations on the main topic alone. It will help create room for an explanation on the main topic and leave out the unnecessary content.

  • Conclusions

It should have a maximum of three sentences. It should be a summary of the subject.


Some people find it easier to write an extended essay than a long piece. They will summarize the central point for it to become a short essay. When doing this:

You should highlight the main points and simplify them. Read through the essay and make sure that every sentence has a contribution. Remove the irrelevant sentences.

What should be applied when writing a short essay:

  1. Make sure the details in the essay are necessary and are related to the main topic.
  2. Your thesis should be in the 1st three sentences.
  3. Minimize your citations.
  4. Portray your best qualities.
  5. Compress the sentences when necessary.

What should not be applied when writing a short essay:

  1. Write an extended essay beyond the approximated words.
  2. Pick a complex topic.
  3. Write a lengthy introduction and conclusion.
  4. Write unnecessary content.


The admission officers are not interested in the stories of the unnecessary content. Stick to the main topic. All the sentences in your essay should be in line with your main subject.

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